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The Soothing Kuranetarium

iPhone, iPod touch Apps

Price:US $2.99

Sales start on March 10, 2011

We at S-Field have been honored with support and cooperation from people of Tohoku many times over.
In order to repay this kindness to the people of Tohoku who have been struck by disaster in the Tohoku earthquake, we have decided to use part of the profits from this app for the restoration of the Tohoku region.

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The Soothing Kuranetarium has compiled pictures and movies of the jellyfish, which evoke a feeling of contentment.
Feel a deep contentment as you watch the jellyfish drift in the darkness.

The jellyfish pictures and movies that appear in this application are from the Corporation of the Kamo aquarium of Tsuruoka, Yamagata prefecture, celebrated as the number one jellyfish aquarium in the world.

The winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Osamu Shimamura once visited in the role of one-day honorary director, and the aquarium receives many visitors daily.
From now on we will be presenting the various scenes of the jellyfish of Kamo aquarium.

So let’s take a trip into the soothing Kuranetarium...

Brown jellyfish (Chrysaora melanaster)/Sanderia malayensis/Jimble (Carybdea rastoni)/Lion's mane (Cyanea capillata)/Rhopilema asamushi/Flower hat jellyfish/Moon jellyfish (Aurelia aurita)/Chrysaora helvola/Bolinopsis mikado/Beroe abyssicola
Jellyfishes is a thing of the Kamo aquarium of Tsuruoka-shi, Yamagata.
*I add the collecting jellyfish regularly.

This application has the following features:
- Gallery
A thumbnail displays a collecting image / an animation
All/Photos/Movies/By name

- Preview
When iPhone is portrait, it is previewed.
You can choose a photograph / an animation to display while confirming contents by the preview.
When iPhone is landscape, photograph / an animation is displayed in a screenful.
You can change the above function by turning iPhone.

- Slideshow
In the slide show, display a photograph / an animation in turn.
I do not add a sound to an animation.
Using a multi task function of iPhone, please enjoy slide show while playing favorite music in a background.

- Jellyfish guide
information of the jellyfish

- About Kamo Aquarium
The information in the building of the Kamo aquarium.

Planning/production/development/sales: S-Field Co., Ltd.
Design work: OAK Co., Ltd.
Editorial supervision: The Tsuruoka Municipal Kamo Aquarium